Lunar Kanza Ride or Run

2017 Lunar Kanza – Saturday, August 12th

Lunar Kanza is not a race… it is a fun, leisure night-time bike ride or run, conducted under a full moon on the gravel roads surrounding Emporia, Kansas. Aid stations will be provided at approximately mile 14 and mile 25, allowing for riders to have two turn around options. Folks can tailor their ride to be either 25 miles or 50 miles. The run is 13.1 miles long, but utilizes a lollipop format and has multiple aid stations that can allow runners to shorten their run if they so choose (3.5 and 9.2 mile options if one turns around at aid station 1 or 2). Again, this is about having fun under a Flint Hills full moon! Ride or run all or some of the course, however much you like!

The Lunar Kanza Ride or Run will begin and end in beautiful downtown Emporia, Kansas, in the parking lot behind Gravel City Adventure & Supply Co (716 Commercial). The Ride will utilize a “floating” start time. Participants are encouraged to begin their ride anytime between 6:00pm and 8:00pm, with the intent of finishing between the hours of 10:00pm and 11:00pm. (Don’t begin too early, or you will miss riding under the full moon. Begin your ride too late, and you’ll miss the post-ride/run celebration.) All runners will begin at 8:30 PM so as to ensure a night time run for all abilities.

The course will take participants from downtown Emporia, out onto the gravel roads of the Flint Hills region of east-central Kansas. Once home to the great Kanza Nation, the Flint Hills have been called the “eastern-most part of the Great Far West”. Come out and experience these Flint Hills in a brand new way… under the light of the full moon. Afterwards, hang out and enjoy the Lunar Kanza Celebration.

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