Jacob Kucza

Jacob Kucza

By Day:
4th Grade Teacher

My Supporters:
I scored a serious prize when I met my wife, Lyndsey.  We married in 2014, and she had plenty of reasons to back out.  She’d seen my marathon feet enough times to know there’s no cure for calluses and bad toenails.  She’d endured countless scorching bike rides through town so I could have water as I trained.  Currently, she plays part athletic trainer, part coach, part nutritionist, and part motivator in my running life.  That, and she has a pretty good boot that gets me out the door when the couch seems more comfortable than running shorts and shoes.  Our dog, Ollie the border collie, loves hitting the trails for a run and can fetch from sun up to sundown.

Most People Don’t Know:
During the most awkward phase of my post-adolescent life, I once performed at a rap concert (yes, as a rapper) in Lawrence, Kansas.

My Hopes:
As a part of Team DK Promotions, my hopes are simple!  I want to explore the Flint Hills, surrounding communities, and trails in our area by foot with other runners!

You Can Find Me:
Running is wonderful in its solidarity AND in its camaraderie.  I look forward to organizing a weekly group run (Thursday evenings) and tackling some longer runs as people find themselves wanting to run farther and longer to test their limits.  I’m always game to grind gravel on some point-to-point runs to/from area towns and to explore the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve.

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