Michelle O’Mara

Michelle O’Mara

Also Known As:
O’Mara’s Wife

By Day:
Buying, selling, trading…in the stock market, with other people’s money.

My Supporters:
Shawn, from Brothers O’Mara, (husband), Levi (son), Aria, AKA Sweet Pea, (grand-daughter)

Most People Don’t Know:
Most already know I’m a Grammy to the most adorable little Sweet Pea… did you know we watch Frozen over and over and over on her weekend visits, I know all the songs & sing them while I clean house. I’m also a neat freak & addicted to running shoes! Hey- you can never have too many, right!?

My Hopes:
I’m excited about being a part of helping the running community grow to what the awesome cycling community has. I’d like to see people of all ages get outside and be active, whether it’s running, walking, cycling.  My favorite distance is the ½ marathon…I think it would be awesome to help someone train for their first half and see them cross the finish line.  Crossing the finish line at any distance, whether, running or cycling is an awesome feeling of accomplishment!  No matter the speed.

You Can Find Me:
Looking forward to organizing/co-leading a weekly morning run, a couple point to point runs, running road, a little gravel, and tackling some trail….and let’s not forget Race the Chase!

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