Scott O’Mara

Scott O’Mara

Also Known As:

By Day:
Work in the IT Dept at ESU

My Supporters:
Kenda (Wife), Drew and Kaden, oh and Skip and Lola

Most People Don’t Know:
What people don’t know about me is that I really got into serious riding 7 years ago as a way to lose weight and it was a great help going from 265 down to 205. Also during this same time when I first got involved with the DK200 was from watching a good friend race it and on a night after having a few too many drinks, a few I love you mans, and being involved in a no holds barred wrestling match in his backyard, I opened my big mouth and said I wanted to tackle the DK200.

My Hopes:
Continue to grow not only the cycling/running community of Emporia but to encourage people to get out and find their adventurous side by getting people out to see and experience what the state of Kansas and the Flint Hills has to offer.

You Can Find Me:
Looking forward to the bike-packing and adventure rides or racing,  and learning from the people that have had these experiences and be able to pass them on to others in the community.

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