Shawn O’Mara

Shawn O’Mara

Also Known As:

By Day:
Lighting up e-Town, fiber fast

My Supporters:
Michelle (wife), Levi (son), Aria, aka SWEET PEA!!! (grand-daughter).  I’ve also been referred to as Scott’s little brother; albeit not for 20 or so years

Most People Don’t Know:
It’s hardly known that a few wagon dumps, a meat cleaver and a pencil jab; along with the widely acclaimed window push, can lay the foundation to something special.  These among many other shared experiences (a lot of them good, just so you know) have made us more than pals…..Brothers O’Mara

My Hopes:
I still remember the day my friend, Anderson (there’s yer shout out buddy), said “you have a bike? Let’s ride them in the Olpe downhome next week”.  Although those 15 miles were nearly the death of me, I was hooked.  From there I’ve come to see that any challenge, and the experience gained in overcoming that challenge, is only a small piece to the sense of accomplishment and enjoyment thereof; and that as whole, is almost impossible to put into words.
I’m hoping, if even in the slightest capacity, we can be that voice that says, “Hey, let’s go!”

You Can Find Me:
There’s gonna be some overnight bikepacking trips exploring the history of the Flint Hills.  I may even lace up my running shoes once or twice.

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