Two Wheel Pioneers

Ever wondered what the prairie was like for our pioneer forebears? Come check it out for yourself! The wide open prairies of the Flint Hills look largely today as they always have. This route gives you the opportunity to be a two-wheel pioneer yourself and explore two very historical Kansas towns.

Day 1 – Will take you West to Flying W Ranch by way of Cottonwood Falls. Flying W Ranch requires a reservation, but is well worth it. Visit their website to learn more about your stay. But, be sure to spend some time visiting the historic Chase County courthouse on your way. You can also stock up while you are there. Don’t want the full ranch experience? You can also stay at Swope Park right there in Cottonwood Falls.


Click here for Day 1 GPS route


Day 2 – Onward and upward to Council Grove, KS and a stay at the beautiful Council Grove lake. Council Grove is home to 25 historic sites! There is no shortage of things to see in this former Santa Fe Trail stop. It also provides another opportunity to refill supplies. Schedule this trip on the same weekend as Washunga Days and you will be in for any more festivities, including an authentic Native American Pow Wow!


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Day 3 – All good things must come to an end. On day 3 you can return to Emporia via the Flint Hills Nature Trail, a converted rails to trails.


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